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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Songwriter Spotlight Radio Broadcast-Podcast: Peter J Slack

Sal Noguera's show Songwriter's Spotlight airs on every Sunday from 8 to 9 p.m. and features local talent from the town of Erin. Sal also dives into what the songs mean to the artists and the complicated depth of songwriting.

Sal Noguera is the owner of Erinwood Studios, a multitrack demo/project studio. Sal has been a musician for the past 35 years and has been involved in radio since 1974. This charismatic man can be seen at the Bushholme Inn every Sunday jamming with friends during the Open Stage from 1-5p.m. So tune in to the Songwriters Spotlight and explore what Erin musicians have to offer.

Sal Interviewed me in April of 2008 and the show is posted here with his permission:

Copyright 2008, Peter J Slack, Erin Community Radio

Sunday, March 02, 2008

Em Uma Outra Vida

Hello to all fine folks,

This is an instrumental tune dedicated to AmandaMartinez and Laura Fernandez, both hosts of the Cafe Latino radio program that airs Saturdayafternoons on 91.1FM or online at for those not in the GTA.

"Em uma outra vida" translated from Portuguesemeans "in another life". I don't speak a word of Portuguese (and thanks to the powers that be foronline translators) but I played in a Brazilian jazz band several years back and was reminiscing,it seems like a lifetime ago, in another life. Istarted a mini project called Cafe Latino after Iheard news that Amanda was stepping down and following her beautiful voice and that LauraFernandez (also of a beautiful voice) was taking over as host of my favorite radio show. As with any change there is both excitement, uncertainty and we always have moments missing the life we had before changes, those inevitable blues.

The band I played with was a regular in Niagara onthe Lake and played Saturday nights at the Anchorage. The show still goes on and is hosted by Steve Goldberger and the Niagara RhythmSection. On my long drive into NOTL on those Saturdays we played, I always managed to be traveling the same time as Cafe Latino aired, this show always started my fire for those Saturday night Latin gigs and Amanda even spun up a recording that featured some of my playing once,my first time on air play! Thank you Amanda! I was fortunate to meet Amanda once many years backas she was hosting a show at the Latin Arts Festival where I was playing guitar in a backing band. Since that time she launched an amazing singing career. But this is not the end of thestory, one wintry night in Orangeville I happened to meet Laura Fernandez at the annual HAMS party. Laura is also an amazing singer / songwriter and now the new host of Cafe Latino! So congratulations are in order to both these ladies for their positive life changes and this song is for you both.

Here's some links to check out:

Amanda Martinez

Laura Fernandez

There are also live recordings of the saturday night sessions. You should talk to Steve about getting your hands on some live recordings with the Bushman (me) on guitar, you might end up dancing:

With warm wishes,

Music (C)opyright 2008, Peter J Slack SOCAN