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Tuesday, September 23, 2003


The World Changes: Song Track

Although we can be prisoners in cages we build to protect ourselves, inevitably and eventually, the world changes. In all cases changes are cataclysms and catastrophes that are unstoppable and brief; unstoppable like the universe being born and brief relative to the infinite age of the universe. Many changes like a supernova can seem like they take forever but this is only the disguise of our short life span and these tremendous changes are still cataclysms relative to infinity.

Changes are balanced by opposing consequences and will settle into troughs of stability that exist. They exist or we would not exist because changes would spiral out of control allowing nothing to exist or set a foothold. These troughs are the ripples in the desert sandstorm. Much like a sand pile, it only takes one grain of sand to begin an avalanche but eventually the pile reaches a new balance and the first grain tumbling is the first grain to stability. The consequence is that instability drives stability and both must exist.

And so such is the quantization of our existence and the forever more energy bursts that bring us to new states. The cages we build are housings of a calming sense of the perpetual. This is the soothing property of repetition and familiarity that, in itself, is built on the sand pile waiting for the first grain to tumble, bringing everything to a new fleeting moment of serenity; a new trough to perch one's perspective.

Everyone has the potential to be the first grain of sand dropping to a new sense of balance and starting the avalanche. The field of change is level and even in this respect. Each cataclysm creates a history like the branching of a tree, and much like the tree, each branch sets the stage for the next. For those who build massive cages of comfort in lives of repetition, there are less branches to climb and less of a story to tell to others. They can still lead the avalanche but are less likely to do so in the probability field because.....

The story is what complicates and conjugates our sense of calm. These are the elements of chance and unpredictability; in particular, the convolution with the actions and life paths of others that have an influence and impression to etch out new and unusual troughs of stability. Story telling, art and science are the staples that societies, nations and beliefs feed on. These are our methods of capturing the paths of the past to present them as beliefs and, perhaps, give some indication to past or possible states of serenity that the future can enjoy. The past and the vision of the future create the future itself.

All time flows now as we chart our past and future. The flow is both turbulent and wonderfully smooth. Don't be a prisoner but sway free because the world changes.

Circa Sept. '03 PJ Slack

WORDS & MUSIC ©2003 Peter J. Slack, SOCAN

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