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Saturday, November 26, 2005


My favorite digital bird landed on my shoulder the other day and told a story in well-formed mystic URL, of the news of the singing icebergs. Enchanted by such news and the recordings of their songs I went to sleep that night and dreamed I was an iceberg singing a song of my beloved mother earth. I had a heart beat that no one could hear other than the great mother who spoke to me through the ocean waves and the moon whose grip was steady like the rhythm of my pulse. As the sun rises only slightly on the horizon, the water that is my life-blood begins to flow ever faster through my veins. Only the icy waters of the ocean sooth the scorching heat of the mysterious glowing orb; my color, snow white, to reflect the full spectrum of harmful rays. The smaller life forms around me, oblivious to my presence used me as a perch for hunting and trapping their prey. The life surrounding me is part of my purpose, is part of my soul.

Wednesday, November 23, 2005



With certainty, many women ask this question every day and with equal certainty, most men either do not have the right answer or just simply do not answer such an obvious rhetorical question. Of course, every argument or position can be broken down or dissected until eventually a paradox that has no answer is encountered but today, I will refrain, step down from the cosmos, and will not attempt a cosmic all encompassing answer to this particular question. I'll propose here instead, words and song that form a very sensible answer that any man can feel free to use if presented with such a difficult question. He can memorize it because, in my selfish opinion, it's a very good answer!


The value of a man is not what he takes.
Not what he holds in his hands but what he lets go free,
and what he gives of his heart and when he lets it be.

So give your heart and your soul.
Set free the joy and the pain.
The sparkle will stay in your eyes,
let the rain fall down.

To hold the light or the dark
will only tear you apart.
Give hope to your children near,
let the rain fall down.

The value of a man is not what he takes.
Not what he holds in his hands but what he lets go free,
and what he gives of his heart and when he lets it be.

Warm Regards,

Sunday, October 30, 2005



One of the most startling and immense systems of weather and inexplicable demonstrations of stable atmospheric dynamics is the great red spot of Jupiter that was first observed more than 300 years ago. It is assumed that it was Cassini who first observed the Great Red Spot, however, it is unlikely that when Cassini made the observation that he considered whether the spot could be observing him.

If one accepted the gaia hypothesis as addition or otherwise fitting
with our clinical definition of life, then there would be no need to further question the existence of extra terrestrial life because we could simply begin to investigate the other planets in our solar system as conscious living systems. Possibly the most difficult psychological hurtle for the human race would be to accept a view that we are conscious beings that make up part of a larger conscious being that is the earth and that each degree has free will that defies logic. For sake of this hypothesis, put aside the notion that life and consciousness has to follow a strict clinical definition of what we can observe, dissect and calculate to consider and compare the larger living system of Jupiter with that of earth.

One of the observable traits common to living planets with complex internal workings is its weather system. Collectively, life on earth contributes to the creation, the content and the shape of our atmosphere. In this respect, the human race through the observation and understanding of the universe has shaped the weather systems by applying this knowledge and understanding to lifestyle and to the taming of nature. A gaia theorist could postulate that, in part through our actions, the earth weather system is an evolved complex system that has a memory and is aware and conscious of the universe; the earth can observe and store information of the surrounding universe through us. A planet like Jupiter would not be able to sustain our forms life given the immense gravitational field yet there is potential mechanism that could shape the weather patterns on Jupiter through external universal influences: the great red spot. The great red spot of Jupiter is still a mystery to scientists yet is it possible that it is part of the living system of Jupiter itself much as we are to the earth? Is the great red spot an example of the inexplicable properties of life and free will?

Consider the great red spot as an engine that drives the rest of the weather patterns on Jupiter and then apply the butterfly effect discovered while attempting mathematical weather modeling; a small perturbation in temperature or pressure within the great red spot will have immense consequences to the unfolding patterns of the surrounding weather system. A small blip in the spot would be amplified to some degree on the resulting eddies and vortexes around the spot. Is this Jupiter's eye to sense the surrounding universe?

Words and Music (C)opyright 2005, Peter J Slack, SOCAN

Monday, October 10, 2005

The Seven Rings of Saturnalia

Good day once again to all fine people,

The Seven Rings of Saturnalia : Song Track

I awoke the other morning to a news cast on TV with these spectacular and mysterious sounds of the aurora of Saturn that were recorded by the Cassini probe. This particular recording was in the radio spectrum and was slowed down 44 times to render in the audio range. I decided to overlay some improvisational tracks over top of these tracks from the physics lab at U of IOWA for you. The original recording can and spectral graph can be found here:


I was excited to produce this particular track because earlier, and co-incidently, as part of the cat continuum project, I had simulated schumann resonance:


and inserted it as backdrop for a live performance of "Heal the Children" at the Hugh's Room. These types of planetary soundscapes seem to work very well for ambient and even folk tunes....ooppps!!!my secret is out!! :-)

These are very exciting and inspiring times to have these more intimate understandings and connections unfold to further express our place in the giant milky way: more fuel for music making.


PJ Space Cadet
Music & Words
Copyright 2005, Peter J Slack, SOCAN

Sunday, September 25, 2005

North American Dream

Good day once again fine people,


I was considering this song for some time now and it sort of follows on the theme of relationships. The scale of this song however is much grander; it is a plea to mother earth that she is always there to tame our guiding social conscience with that of the earth conscience, or in other words, the relationship we have with the planet and beings we share it with. In a sense, the relationship we have with ourselves is embedded in the relationships we have with others, is part of the relationship we have as communities, and furthermore is part of the relationship we have as nations on the planet. The will of the earth is much larger than the will of all nations combined and follows a different set of controlling philosophies and balances. The earth can shift and change our lives in an instant and, with certainty; we will all live our lives out together on this orb and share it with all other life forms. The moral of this short tale; our controls and balances of social conscience aren't necessarily friendly with the free will of mother Earth.

I suppose one can call this sort of a "stop and smell the roses" country/blues style....Enjoy

North American Dream

Follow me.
We climb to the top put our heads in the fog.
We shoot for the moon but we still hit the ground.
Mother Earth please follow me
Through this North American dream.

Shelter me.
We hide from the truth but we can't stop the pain.
We say that it's right and ignore when it's wrong.
Mother Earth please shelter me,
From this North American dream.

Frighten me
You speak through the trees with deep love from the ground
Your mind is a flash lightening strike to the clouds
Mother Earth please frighten me,
From this North American dream.

Set me free.
We go on our way and forget where we've been
We live out our lives disconnected it seems
Mother Earth please set me free,
From this North American dream.

Warm regards to all,

Words and Music
(C)opyright 2005, Peter J Slack, SOCAN

Sunday, September 18, 2005


Warm greetings to all fine people,

In my humble opinion, if we are ever to ascertain
the ultimate grand unification metaphor of science
we would probably be best served to first figure
out the true nature of personal relationships and
how this ties into physical reality. This song is
inspired by the concept of hysteresis that, not
only transcends all scales in the grand scheme of
scientific unification metaphors but also, finds
its way into the dynamics of personal
relationships. A relationship is the creative
energy that materializes into something that is
larger than the participants. Relationships
require energy to exist, patience to nurture, and
above all, time and space to grow and change.


We all drift away,
Like forever and a day.
Never say one last goodbye.

Life has its way,
Every star must cast a ray,
So that twilight never ends.

Turn around and drift away,
Here your heart will always stay,
Never say one last goodbye.

Joy for us all,
Never need to be alone.
There's a sunrise every day.

We rise and we fall,
Surprised confusion do we call,
Just a whisper of goodbye.

Turn around and drift away,
Here your heart will always stay,
Never say one last goodbye.

Words and Music
(C)opyright 2005, Peter J Slack, SOCAN

Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Raccoon Requiem

A friend was having troubles with pesky raccoons and decided to purchase one of the sonic pest control devices widely available at Canadian Tire etc. and it actually worked. I was inspired to write a happy requiem..if there is such a thing..

Raccoon Requiem

Music Copyright, 2005, PJ SLACK, SOCAN

Sunday, April 17, 2005


Happy Spring to all fine people!


A friend of mine was agonizing over the schmaltzy love songs that I had been sending out and requested that I write a "work song". I didn't really know what he meant by "work song" and neither did he when questioned further. ;-)

Well, given that my friend is kind of a space cadet on a cosmic mission like myself, I considered myself duly commissioned to act on his thematic presentation and am pleased to present my humble attempt at a song in the rock opera style.

I decided that the "work song" really had to be a protest song to be in conformance to my generation-x tendencies. I was also inspired to assemble a short rock opera style because my favorite rock opera from childhood; "The Phantom of the Paradise" (1974) , was on the tube recently. This has music written by Paul Williams and is a really cheesy sci-fi horror movie that I just love. Paul Williams is a great songwriter and I suppose this flick is considered a cult-classic by this time. I hope you enjoy this song:

Shape it with your hands.
Sing the phrase that frees your mind.
Build the promised land;
The universe inside your life.

In place the cup forever flowing.
Redeem the bond and stay the home.
Burn the oil and warm to cold times.
Set feast until the cupboards bare.

Now blood, once clear the sunset.
Now mist, once clear the air.
Now slave, once free the spirit.
Now count more and compare.

What happiness, possessions for your slavery?
What store in heaven takes these treasured wears?
Did trade fund slavery of misfortune?
Some hidden crime did the counting make.

Shape it with your mind,
Subtle textures, woven fancy.
Presenting to the blind
who seek counting concrete statutes.

Labyrinth laws entwined to guide the counting;
Fortune given substance over weight.
Climb high this mountain, never reach the summit.
End futile waste of life of never knowing.

Shape it with your hands.
Sing the phrase that frees your mind.
Build the promised land;
The universe inside your life.

Warm regards to all,


(C)opyright 2005, Peter J Slack, SOCAN

Sunday, March 27, 2005


A Black Cat!

Happy Easter to all!

This is a song that I had the great opportunity to perform at the Winterfolk Festival in Toronto this past February. Finally I took some time to produce a track for this song along with a new beginning. This song is dedicated to all of my sisters who I love dearly.

Song Track: In My Favorite Book


In my favorite book
There's a crease in the pages,
Saving words that remind me of you.
Saving words that remind me of you.

In my favorite book
There's a picture of a sunrise,
Reminding me of days with you.
I loose myself spending days with you.

In my favorite book
There's a story with happy endings,
That reminds me of your stories for me.
I loose myself in your stories for me.

In my favorite book
There are words that you wrote me,
Saying the story reminded you of me.
The story reminded you of me.



WORDS & MUSIC ©2004 Peter J. Slack, SOCAN

Tuesday, March 22, 2005


space love

Hello fine people,

Best wishes to all. I would like to share this submission to a songwriting contest. This is a story of a lady who rekindles fond memories of dear friends from school days long past and it is set to a slow country groove. The rules of the contest were that it had to include the words "slingshot" and "James" and there was also other writings that served as subterfuge to evade the real root of the story: .. It's a love story of course..I mean what other kind of schmaltz does this Slack cat write anyways? :-)

Song Track: Love Walks In


Who am I if not who I am?
A wanderer, a drifter, alone.
Take me away, if only a day,
together in the gentle afternoon.

Then love soars in; slingshot around the sun.
Then love walks in; forever does it stay.
It seems like only yesterday.

What purpose have I if not to find you?
A gambler, indifferent, alone.
The energy of earth to a grain of sand;
a spirit in flight through the world.

Then love soars in; slingshot around the sun.
Then love walks in; forever does it stay.
It seems like only yesterday.

Who asks nothing of yet answers to all,
bare foot do I walk through the stones.
A soul in the dark, aimlessly lost,
yet a candle burns fast in my heart.

Then love soars in; slingshot around the sun.
Then love walks in; forever does it stay.
James, you really save the day.



WORDS & MUSIC ©2005 Peter J. Slack, SOCAN

Sunday, January 02, 2005


the goddess Venus with her cat


I unpacked the "Metaphysical" function generator and the first setting was labeled "Cat on Venus"....I couldn't help myself but had to wrap a little song around this particular soundscape over the holidays:

Song Track : Cats on Venus

Cats on Venus : Lyrics

The high priestess of the temple
floats across the sky,crystallizing life
from the tear drops in your eyes.

Bring the right sphere to the left,
where it meets call it center,
thread with life, needle gently;
never a straight line.

In life we pattern freely,
in death we move as earth,
through space around a center,
never a straight line.

Happy New Year!!!


WORDS & MUSIC ©2005 Peter J. Slack, SOCAN