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Sunday, September 25, 2005

North American Dream

Good day once again fine people,


I was considering this song for some time now and it sort of follows on the theme of relationships. The scale of this song however is much grander; it is a plea to mother earth that she is always there to tame our guiding social conscience with that of the earth conscience, or in other words, the relationship we have with the planet and beings we share it with. In a sense, the relationship we have with ourselves is embedded in the relationships we have with others, is part of the relationship we have as communities, and furthermore is part of the relationship we have as nations on the planet. The will of the earth is much larger than the will of all nations combined and follows a different set of controlling philosophies and balances. The earth can shift and change our lives in an instant and, with certainty; we will all live our lives out together on this orb and share it with all other life forms. The moral of this short tale; our controls and balances of social conscience aren't necessarily friendly with the free will of mother Earth.

I suppose one can call this sort of a "stop and smell the roses" country/blues style....Enjoy

North American Dream

Follow me.
We climb to the top put our heads in the fog.
We shoot for the moon but we still hit the ground.
Mother Earth please follow me
Through this North American dream.

Shelter me.
We hide from the truth but we can't stop the pain.
We say that it's right and ignore when it's wrong.
Mother Earth please shelter me,
From this North American dream.

Frighten me
You speak through the trees with deep love from the ground
Your mind is a flash lightening strike to the clouds
Mother Earth please frighten me,
From this North American dream.

Set me free.
We go on our way and forget where we've been
We live out our lives disconnected it seems
Mother Earth please set me free,
From this North American dream.

Warm regards to all,

Words and Music
(C)opyright 2005, Peter J Slack, SOCAN

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