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Friday, December 14, 2007


Season's Greetings from the winter wonderland,

There's hopefully always room for a song at the right time. This instrumental production dates back a few years to 2003, I was enjoying some personal freedom having just left a 5 year long industrial post and project. I was spending some time in the wilderness during the fall and winter. This is a sonic sentiment rejoicing the quiet moments after solstice that we should all take periodically in life, a winter song that is to express a natural, yet perhaps not so obvious or logical mirror reflection of stillness against a busy life.

I have been working my way through the amazing BBC series "Planet Earth" released on DVD. I am aware after a few segments about northern climates that wildlife and nature takes time off, takes timeout, the dark cold of winter inevitably brings about this natural slumber, the busy life of spring and summer is a mirror opposite reflection of this sleep, a natural balance of living life and taking time reflecting in silence. Although seemingly brutal with many species going months without food, this slumber brings about rhythmic rejuvenation worthy of musical celebration.

Happy slumber and solstice to all!
See you in the spring,

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Destination Unknown

Hello to all fine people,

Destination Unknown Song Track:

As a child I had dreams of exploring other planets and owning a horse, my favorite books were the Time-Life series published in the early 70's and in particular, the reference book "Space" that was part of this series. These books and the wonderful illustrations therein were the stuff of dreams as I was growing up. Later in life I met the daughter of the fellow who was responsible for publishing this series of books and we are very old and dear friends to this day. The books still sit on the bookshelf at my parent's home and are always there for next generation of kids who may require good references and reading material during their stay.

Today, through the thick and sometimes monotonous,modern accounting staples of living are these dreams and a sense of great purpose and mystery. Today I imagine, like many others do, that the people of the earth are its seeds and that the ripening earth one day must let go the seeds, like a dying flower eventually must let go of its seeds with hopes and love to see them grow on their own. For me, the sense of great danger with the precarious environment on earth is balanced by the mystery that always awaits us. The next version of Noah's Ark will probably be a space craft and we will still not know where we are going but we always seem to end up somewhere.

Destination Unknown - Lyrics
Destination unknown
Don't even bother to answer the phone
'cause it's not the truth on the other end
It's my life falling againIt's my life falling again
When will this ever end?

Another sight unseen
What ever does it mean to me?
All this confusion around.
Doesn't even make a sound.
Doesn't even make a sound.
How can we go on like this?

Can't always be right.
It's never a good reason to fight.
There's still the unknown that we face,
That shadows over the human race.
That shadows over the human race.
When will we see this truth?

Words and Music (C)opyright 2007 Peter J Slack,SOCAN

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Man on a String

Hello again,

Man on a String: Song Track

I'll tell you what's really going on is I'm preparing offerings for the kind music spirits in preparation for the launch of "Brewster'sCoffeehouse Tour" starting August 4th in Sauble beach at the community center and then coming to a town near you. Come out to the beach and catch a concert in the evening for more information:

I've been fortunate to learn and participate in acoustic solo style music alongside some of the best writers and performers around. This song is a sample of that solo style and what you'll hear from our coffeehouse tour. I call this a fractal blues.

There's ghosts outside the window
and wolves outside the door.
I count the times I miss you,
but I don't count no more.

Man on a string,
can't buy a diamond ring.
Doesn't mean he doesn't care.
We all fall down sometimes.
We all break our crown sometimes,
and it doesn't mean that we don't care.

Love to you all,PJ

Saturday, July 21, 2007

I'll see you in the morning

Hello again good people,

Song Track

What do you do when you have the blues and don't drink? I was asking myself this very question the other day. I decided the question was also a good title for a blues album. Most obvious the first track in an album of this title would be called "I'll see you in the morning", something I would never say after a night of drinking.

Sleep is the best cure for the blues besides playing the blues, and so to answer the important question, in rootsy blues with a twist song:

I'll see you in the morning
The up side of the morning,
is the right side of the head.
The flip side is the evening,
the left side of the bed.

I'll see you in the morning,
with my arms wide open.

Love to you all, and goodnight...;-)
Words and Music (C)opyright 2007, Peter J Slack, SOCAN

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Guardian Angel : song track

Song Track:

This is for my wife Terri who asked that I writeand perform a song to celebrate her goal of becoming a Mary Kay Sales Director. For any ofyou who are active with Mary Kay you understand that this is a very difficult goal to achieve. Throughout the four month process there was a recurring theme at the end of each month, one of panic that we wouldn't make the required sales mark and all of the work the previous months, all of the time and money invested was for not. At the end of each month the goal was met at the eleventh hour. I realized a long time ago that this always happened to us throughout our life together; at the last minute a small miracle would happen and we could carry on with our life.

This song is a celebration of our family's Guardian Angel and I extend hopes and wishes that all of your own Guardian Angels that protect you and your family, with love and light, will forever come through at the last minute when needed most.

Guardian Angel
Guardian Angel shine your precious light.
Show the path where everything's all right.
Spend too much time waiting for the axe to fall.
Out of our minds; working 'till the break of dawn.

Guardian Angel lend me your wings today.
Give us faith that there's a better way.
Spend too much time waiting for the axe to fall.
Out of our minds; working 'till the break of dawn.

We gather here to make your glory shine.
Do what.s right, no hearts of courage resign.
Just when it seems we're headed for another fall
You are there to help us through it all.

Guardian Angel lend me your wings today.
Give us faith that there's a better way.
Spend too much time waiting for the axe to fall.
Out of our minds; working 'till the end of dawn.

Words and Music (C)opyright 2007, Peter J Slack the Digital Bird

Sunday, March 04, 2007

Never Lost

Today I am grateful to be able to offer to you all, a humble trinket from a seemingly perpetual philosophy machine. Logic doesn’t always prevail simply because the primordial paradox that continues to explode allows neither pure logic nor pure chaos to prevail. “Never Lost” is a song celebrating the dichotomies, without which, we would not exist nor would we have such rich lives. If you find yourself repeating clich├ęs like” I’ll never figure out women” or “I’ll never figure out men”, consider that not being able to figure things out has nothing to do with gender. Also, if you find yourself very comfortable with the way things are, I recommend not getting too comfortable but instead, allow some of the strange things that occasionally happen in life to happen.
Never Lost: Lyrics

Heard a wise man say
Need not cry today
Over something lost
That's never found
Think you've got it made
Lying in the shade
Finally found your place
Was never lost
Never lost and never found
Now and then
Never lost and never found
A river without end
A child that wants to grow
Find the youth when you're old
Candle burns both ends
Spilling on the floor
Lovers get it right
Some may choose to fight
The world is falling down
While angels rise
Never lost and never found
Now and thenNever lost and never found
A river without end
Heard a wise man say
Need not cry today
Over something lost
That's never found
Words and Music
(C)opyright 2007, Peter J Slack, SOCAN

Sunday, January 21, 2007

Mother is Going to Melt Your Ice

Good Day to all fine people,

Song Track: Mother is Going to Melt Your Ice

I suppose I'll begin the introduction to this sad song by using an old cliche here: I'm not a pessimist, I'm a realist. My new year's resolution every year from now on: I'm going to make the best of my life and do things that respect the lives and beliefs of others, respect and enhance our beautiful mother earth, and do things that naturally have respect for my own self and my own well being. Writing country blues songs and love songs certainly can rank in all three of these categories as long as it causes people to stop and reflect in a positive and constructive way. This has always been my intention for writing songs.

This is a blues / country song to add to the "Declassified" album project. This is sort of a late addendum to resonate the theme in Al Gore's film, "An Inconvenient Truth". I can certainly remember winter when there were 20 foot snow banks along the road where I live; today only half a foot if any. I can remember talking about all of the environmental issues, such as acid rain and greenhouse gas, when I was in grade school, thirty years ago. Somewhere along the line I decided to join the popular consumer culture and ignore all of these messages and simply become a sleeping, dreaming skeptic like everyone else: in this life's dream everything is just wonderful no matter what we choose to do. The lessons about impending doom that were conveyed were obviously lost in the interpretation of what life's dream is. I find myself at a loss to tell you today what my dreams are beyond enjoying companionship with a happy, healthy family and friends. I write songs to try and work out the answer to this difficult yet seemingly simple question.

This is a blunt declassification for you today: our life's dream is approaching a cataclysmic nightmare. The green revolution and evolution itself will not come about in calm, happy transitions but rather cataclysmic changes of nature and free will that leave no choice in the matter but to change. Successful form with harmonious sense of survival carries on and survives.

I am neither an anarchist nor pessimist but rather make these observations based on the irreversible and unstoppable nature of change itself. Successful life form on every scale becomes stubborn in a sheltered trough of calm and serene. This becomes the sense of balance and survival. This is survival inertia. Collectively we become extensions of single calorie burning organisms and impact nature as a collective, external consciousness that devours the amount of energy required for the new and larger hungry life form satisfying a larger survival inertia. The energy required to sustain the new collective life form is a quantum jump beyond what is required to sustain the sum of the individuals that make it up, this is the concept and physical manifestation of quantum consciousness. A successful star in the cosmos will devour more mass until finally it dies and is reborn into the next larger form and then eventually, a black hole. The propensity to consume and collect and the idea of "survival inertia" is not limited only to human nature and form but is a fabric of the universe.

There is great hope however because, most importantly and perhaps most profoundly, the sense of survival and way of survival is something that is communicated. Mother earth is communicating to us, a requirement for a new paradigm of the collective sense of survival. This is my interpretation for you in case you've missed the message:

Mother is Going to Melt Your Ice (Lyrics)

The fields are burning.
We've poisoned air.
Nature is turning
a war on this terror.

Hey hey!
Mother is going to melt your ice.

The east is yearning
for western fare.
Dollars churning
for plastic wares.

Hey hey!
Mother is going to melt your ice.

How green is your lawn?
How far does your tank of gas go?
When we reach the desert island,
won't matter any more.

(C)opyright 2007, Peter J Slack, SOCAN