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Sunday, January 21, 2007

Mother is Going to Melt Your Ice

Good Day to all fine people,

Song Track: Mother is Going to Melt Your Ice

I suppose I'll begin the introduction to this sad song by using an old cliche here: I'm not a pessimist, I'm a realist. My new year's resolution every year from now on: I'm going to make the best of my life and do things that respect the lives and beliefs of others, respect and enhance our beautiful mother earth, and do things that naturally have respect for my own self and my own well being. Writing country blues songs and love songs certainly can rank in all three of these categories as long as it causes people to stop and reflect in a positive and constructive way. This has always been my intention for writing songs.

This is a blues / country song to add to the "Declassified" album project. This is sort of a late addendum to resonate the theme in Al Gore's film, "An Inconvenient Truth". I can certainly remember winter when there were 20 foot snow banks along the road where I live; today only half a foot if any. I can remember talking about all of the environmental issues, such as acid rain and greenhouse gas, when I was in grade school, thirty years ago. Somewhere along the line I decided to join the popular consumer culture and ignore all of these messages and simply become a sleeping, dreaming skeptic like everyone else: in this life's dream everything is just wonderful no matter what we choose to do. The lessons about impending doom that were conveyed were obviously lost in the interpretation of what life's dream is. I find myself at a loss to tell you today what my dreams are beyond enjoying companionship with a happy, healthy family and friends. I write songs to try and work out the answer to this difficult yet seemingly simple question.

This is a blunt declassification for you today: our life's dream is approaching a cataclysmic nightmare. The green revolution and evolution itself will not come about in calm, happy transitions but rather cataclysmic changes of nature and free will that leave no choice in the matter but to change. Successful form with harmonious sense of survival carries on and survives.

I am neither an anarchist nor pessimist but rather make these observations based on the irreversible and unstoppable nature of change itself. Successful life form on every scale becomes stubborn in a sheltered trough of calm and serene. This becomes the sense of balance and survival. This is survival inertia. Collectively we become extensions of single calorie burning organisms and impact nature as a collective, external consciousness that devours the amount of energy required for the new and larger hungry life form satisfying a larger survival inertia. The energy required to sustain the new collective life form is a quantum jump beyond what is required to sustain the sum of the individuals that make it up, this is the concept and physical manifestation of quantum consciousness. A successful star in the cosmos will devour more mass until finally it dies and is reborn into the next larger form and then eventually, a black hole. The propensity to consume and collect and the idea of "survival inertia" is not limited only to human nature and form but is a fabric of the universe.

There is great hope however because, most importantly and perhaps most profoundly, the sense of survival and way of survival is something that is communicated. Mother earth is communicating to us, a requirement for a new paradigm of the collective sense of survival. This is my interpretation for you in case you've missed the message:

Mother is Going to Melt Your Ice (Lyrics)

The fields are burning.
We've poisoned air.
Nature is turning
a war on this terror.

Hey hey!
Mother is going to melt your ice.

The east is yearning
for western fare.
Dollars churning
for plastic wares.

Hey hey!
Mother is going to melt your ice.

How green is your lawn?
How far does your tank of gas go?
When we reach the desert island,
won't matter any more.

(C)opyright 2007, Peter J Slack, SOCAN

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