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Tuesday, December 12, 2006


This past fall I participated in a benefit for the Jai Dee Children's Fund and we raised money to help build a school in Laos. I wrote a song for the event and was asked by one of the elders of the community if I would record it. I am pleased today to be able to offer you the recording of this song. This is a blessing for the children of Laos and is a humble and simple musical exploration of the enchanting Khong Island in southern Laos.

The Island
River Heart

From the island river heart,
Love flows freely, forming beautiful falls.
From the land of happy hearts,
Accept this blessing:
May you love and be free.
Love and be free...Love and be free...

Song Credits:

Peter J Slack : Vocals, Guitar
Jennifer Gillmor : Cello
Recording/Engineering: Brian Hewson, Escarpment Sound

(C)opyright 2006, Peter J Slack, SOCAN

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