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Tuesday, December 12, 2006


This past fall I participated in a benefit for the Jai Dee Children's Fund and we raised money to help build a school in Laos. I wrote a song for the event and was asked by one of the elders of the community if I would record it. I am pleased today to be able to offer you the recording of this song. This is a blessing for the children of Laos and is a humble and simple musical exploration of the enchanting Khong Island in southern Laos.

The Island
River Heart

From the island river heart,
Love flows freely, forming beautiful falls.
From the land of happy hearts,
Accept this blessing:
May you love and be free.
Love and be free...Love and be free...

Song Credits:

Peter J Slack : Vocals, Guitar
Jennifer Gillmor : Cello
Recording/Engineering: Brian Hewson, Escarpment Sound

(C)opyright 2006, Peter J Slack, SOCAN

Monday, November 06, 2006


I simply have to continue to ask this question: what are your symbols of peace and freedom? My philosophy is that the ultimate symbol of peace and freedom is an honestly earned, deep respect for one another. How do we gain respect from one another? Do we build nuclear bombs? Send armies marching to destroy? Drop bombs on innocents? Slaughter one another? Enslave on another? Together we live on this oasis. There's not a lot of good real estate to build our own Zion anywhere other than here on the great mother planet earth; our oasis in the universe. The doorway to Zion, to individual peace and freedom, is to learn to dance with one another. I offer this vibration and these symbols crafted from ancient and modern instruments, as a digital hex to ward against the false respect nations and hateful societies seek to achieve through aggression, violence and death. May we all find peace and freedom, may we all learn the Oasis Tango.

Thursday, August 10, 2006



Announcing the official release of "The Cat Continuum"

Hello and warm regards to all fine people!

It is with great pleasure to announce today the first official CD release : "The Cat Continuum". After many years of simply releasing mp3 renditions of songs, I decided it was time to prepare a slightly more serious production. I am very happy with the results. This is perhaps what you could call a pop-folk album for lack of a better description; the first half is pop and the last half is folk :-).

My wishes that you are all enjoying this incredible summer and that you are all experiencing good health and good fortunes.


Peter J Slack

Monday, June 05, 2006

Above the Clouds

Greetings to all fine people,


I'm just ecstatic today to receive another great submission for distribution on the pod-waves from the archives of Mr. Thomas Hastings. I suspect Thom has an entire album stored away. Let's just call it the Eight Years After project and be thankful he has decided to let it sail on the internet ocean.

Thom labeled this song "Above the Clouds" and this is a very appropriate title as it does put your spirits above the clouds.

Many thanks from all of us Thom for your contribution.

Warm Regards to all fine listeners. Please enjoy
your day.

Warm Regards,

Peter J Slack

Music, (C)opyright 1998-2006 , Thomas Hastings,
All Rights reserved

Monday, May 08, 2006


The meaning of declassified is to reveal secrets, for example, through the declassification of secret documents. The social conscience, however, reveals itself without the declassification of secret documents or news broadcasts. Perhaps one of the most well guarded secrets is that the reason people are depressed is not because pharmaceutical companies need to exist by making pills to cure people's sadness. Although this sounds like a ridiculous statement it is equally ridiculous that people feel they no longer have time or tolerance to be sad. Equally as ludicrous, pharmaceutical companies and marketers of goods have convinced us that it is not normal to be without a sex drive. Today there are many reasons to feel sadness and it is an inescapable part of living as a human being. Wouldn't the world be a nicer place if there weren't so many sex crazed people?

Welcome to the year 2006 and the epitome of Brave new Worlds

This is a song to kick off a musical exploration on the theme of declassification.


Put the trash in the can,
Drag it down to the end of the road.
Where it goes from there,
Don't really care and don't want to know.

3 billion starving people,
Living on the edge of life.
Vanish into the darkness,
Out if sight and out of mind.

Drive off in your car.
Don't let anyone get in your way.
When it all goes wrong,
Take a pill and it all goes away.

In fear the armies marching,
with allegence to a flag.
3 billion people starving,
enemies of the state.

Put the trash in the can,
drag it down to the end of the road.
Where it goes from there,
Don't really care and don't want to know.

(C)opyright 2006, Peter J Slack, SOCAN

Saturday, March 04, 2006


(PHOTOS BY: Cassandra Slack)

Hello Fine Listeners!!!


I am so very fortunate today to be able to release to you a recording captured live at Graffiti's on March 3/2006. The most fortunate occurance was to have some very dear and talented friends jamming with me and helping me to perfect my humble love song. I extend great thanks to those friends:

Thomas Hastings; Guitar
Jerrard Smith; Mandolin
JR Busby and Russell Leon; Jembe

And additional thanks to Russell Leon for organizing the event and letting us record to produce this PODCAST.

(C)opyright 2006, Peter J Slack, SOCAN


PHOTOS BY: Peter J Slack
Hello World!!!


I am so very pleased to release to you all the GLENELG IMPROVISATION SESSIONS that took place at the end of July 2006 at he Glenelg community hall. These are the "best of" tracks that were recorded over the weekend during the emancipation picnic weekend. The spirits were flying high and these are some incredible ambient sessions captured for you on hard drive. The Players list for this weekend excursion is as follows:

Nik Cherry: percussion, slide guitar, calimba
Nick Hall; Guitar, Slide Guitar
Phil Papineah; Percussion
Jerry Prager; Harmonica, Chants
Morvern McNie; Darbouke drum, egg
JR Busby; Jembe
Warren Campbell; Bass, Percussion, Frog
Peter J Slack; Guitar, Bass


(C)opyright 2006, Players of Instruments

Tuesday, February 21, 2006


Good day to all fine people!


I am very excited today to introduce some awesome talent on the PJ Slack
Musical Blog. This song was recorded by a good friend and musical
colleague, Thom Hastings, in the studio we had operated many years
back. I am convinced that a 5 year plan is too quick to really accomplish
anything in life and a 10 year plan is generally more realistic. Thom
didn't have a name for this tune so I named it for him: "8 Years After"

This track was recorded in 1998. Thom is an incredible guitar player and
song writer. We hope to hear more from him soon and perhaps we can
convince the other studio operator, Doug Hastings, to put some tunes up here
as well or perhaps any other of the fine artists on this spam..uhhh..I mean...
mailing list.



MUSIC (C) 1998-2006 Thom Hastings, All Rights Reserved

Monday, February 13, 2006


Good day to all fine people!


I humbly offer this new recording as homage for Valentine's day. It is my own emerging tradition of producing a guitar duet as a celebration. The first rendition of this style of song ,"Cupid's Arrow", was recorded in my closet with a classical guitar borrowed from a dear friend. This morphological rendition ("Cupid's Arrow 2...the next couple a years...;-)") is performed with my Les Paul that I have recently 'converted' into an acoustic guitar!!! The piece is inspired from soul, blues, classical fugue, and's a folk fusion peice..

PLEASE ENJOY! (and forward this song to your favorite Valentine!)

With Love.... Happy Valentine's Day,

PJ Slack