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Saturday, July 21, 2007

I'll see you in the morning

Hello again good people,

Song Track

What do you do when you have the blues and don't drink? I was asking myself this very question the other day. I decided the question was also a good title for a blues album. Most obvious the first track in an album of this title would be called "I'll see you in the morning", something I would never say after a night of drinking.

Sleep is the best cure for the blues besides playing the blues, and so to answer the important question, in rootsy blues with a twist song:

I'll see you in the morning
The up side of the morning,
is the right side of the head.
The flip side is the evening,
the left side of the bed.

I'll see you in the morning,
with my arms wide open.

Love to you all, and goodnight...;-)
Words and Music (C)opyright 2007, Peter J Slack, SOCAN

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