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Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Man on a String

Hello again,

Man on a String: Song Track

I'll tell you what's really going on is I'm preparing offerings for the kind music spirits in preparation for the launch of "Brewster'sCoffeehouse Tour" starting August 4th in Sauble beach at the community center and then coming to a town near you. Come out to the beach and catch a concert in the evening for more information:

I've been fortunate to learn and participate in acoustic solo style music alongside some of the best writers and performers around. This song is a sample of that solo style and what you'll hear from our coffeehouse tour. I call this a fractal blues.

There's ghosts outside the window
and wolves outside the door.
I count the times I miss you,
but I don't count no more.

Man on a string,
can't buy a diamond ring.
Doesn't mean he doesn't care.
We all fall down sometimes.
We all break our crown sometimes,
and it doesn't mean that we don't care.

Love to you all,PJ

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