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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Destination Unknown

Hello to all fine people,

Destination Unknown Song Track:

As a child I had dreams of exploring other planets and owning a horse, my favorite books were the Time-Life series published in the early 70's and in particular, the reference book "Space" that was part of this series. These books and the wonderful illustrations therein were the stuff of dreams as I was growing up. Later in life I met the daughter of the fellow who was responsible for publishing this series of books and we are very old and dear friends to this day. The books still sit on the bookshelf at my parent's home and are always there for next generation of kids who may require good references and reading material during their stay.

Today, through the thick and sometimes monotonous,modern accounting staples of living are these dreams and a sense of great purpose and mystery. Today I imagine, like many others do, that the people of the earth are its seeds and that the ripening earth one day must let go the seeds, like a dying flower eventually must let go of its seeds with hopes and love to see them grow on their own. For me, the sense of great danger with the precarious environment on earth is balanced by the mystery that always awaits us. The next version of Noah's Ark will probably be a space craft and we will still not know where we are going but we always seem to end up somewhere.

Destination Unknown - Lyrics
Destination unknown
Don't even bother to answer the phone
'cause it's not the truth on the other end
It's my life falling againIt's my life falling again
When will this ever end?

Another sight unseen
What ever does it mean to me?
All this confusion around.
Doesn't even make a sound.
Doesn't even make a sound.
How can we go on like this?

Can't always be right.
It's never a good reason to fight.
There's still the unknown that we face,
That shadows over the human race.
That shadows over the human race.
When will we see this truth?

Words and Music (C)opyright 2007 Peter J Slack,SOCAN

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