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Friday, December 14, 2007


Season's Greetings from the winter wonderland,

There's hopefully always room for a song at the right time. This instrumental production dates back a few years to 2003, I was enjoying some personal freedom having just left a 5 year long industrial post and project. I was spending some time in the wilderness during the fall and winter. This is a sonic sentiment rejoicing the quiet moments after solstice that we should all take periodically in life, a winter song that is to express a natural, yet perhaps not so obvious or logical mirror reflection of stillness against a busy life.

I have been working my way through the amazing BBC series "Planet Earth" released on DVD. I am aware after a few segments about northern climates that wildlife and nature takes time off, takes timeout, the dark cold of winter inevitably brings about this natural slumber, the busy life of spring and summer is a mirror opposite reflection of this sleep, a natural balance of living life and taking time reflecting in silence. Although seemingly brutal with many species going months without food, this slumber brings about rhythmic rejuvenation worthy of musical celebration.

Happy slumber and solstice to all!
See you in the spring,

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