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Monday, October 10, 2005

The Seven Rings of Saturnalia

Good day once again to all fine people,

The Seven Rings of Saturnalia : Song Track

I awoke the other morning to a news cast on TV with these spectacular and mysterious sounds of the aurora of Saturn that were recorded by the Cassini probe. This particular recording was in the radio spectrum and was slowed down 44 times to render in the audio range. I decided to overlay some improvisational tracks over top of these tracks from the physics lab at U of IOWA for you. The original recording can and spectral graph can be found here:


I was excited to produce this particular track because earlier, and co-incidently, as part of the cat continuum project, I had simulated schumann resonance:


and inserted it as backdrop for a live performance of "Heal the Children" at the Hugh's Room. These types of planetary soundscapes seem to work very well for ambient and even folk tunes....ooppps!!!my secret is out!! :-)

These are very exciting and inspiring times to have these more intimate understandings and connections unfold to further express our place in the giant milky way: more fuel for music making.


PJ Space Cadet
Music & Words
Copyright 2005, Peter J Slack, SOCAN

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