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Thursday, June 03, 2004


Excellent Friends and Family!!!

Life's Waltz: Song Track

Today I decided to finish this ditty for you because I could. This song started as an unplugged campfire concept and I then I heard a larger version in my mind. I gathered every tone and style that I like except the kitchen sink sound and except the folks on the Harley Davidsons up and down Winston Churchill Blvd sounds...and brewed up this "blues-soul-revival-country-cowboy-waltz" song... because I could....and there's not a lot of words this I'll almost remember them at the next camp fire...maybe ;-). Terri and Cassie generously offered to be crash test victims for this song...Thanks to Terri and Cassie...


Take me out in style,
such a short time to be.
Sentimental child
full of wonder, running free.

Although the world seems heavy,
like it tries to press you down,
the weight is all illusion,
your imagination wild.

Walk me down the aisle
and never let me go.
Impressionable child,
will always be so.

Have a wonderful weekend folks!!!

WORDS & MUSIC ©2004 Peter J. Slack, SOCAN

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