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Friday, February 27, 2009

Deep Inside

(Image: "PROPHESY" created by Zappha)

It's been a while since I've published any new music tracks. Please find here a new song track entitled "Deep Inside":

I've begun a new music collection project entitled "The Love Network Voyager". The theme is intended as an exploration of love within social networks of people. Today we experience light speed communications between people from all over the globe, it seems almost a natural extension of ourselves to be able to do this. We have always been naturally blessed with light speed processes in our brains to enable memories of our life to be recalled, and with senses that can view the light from the very beginnings of the universe; we sense and recall the memory of the universe and all time.

Social networks perhaps mimic these senses,experiences and structures in some way, as if creating a toy universe inside a real universe where we can explore, create, be together. Since I was a child I have always been fascinated and addicted to communications, it somehow made me feel closer to understanding a larger picture that I could be a part of when I was able to communicate with other people in remote locations in real time. The popularity of social networks,cell phones etc. and the addictive properties, I feel, is an interesting and important topic for study in the form of a music collection. I feel it is also important to expose the positive aspects rather than things like; a guy driving his car while texting someone on his crackberry.

I had a notion this summer to pack up the recording gear and make pieces of a song in different locations. The recordings took place around a camp fire in my back yard in Erin and in my studio, at a mule farm in Tara, atop the Greystone Inn in Orangeville. This features the voices of friends Kiera Merriam and Lisa Watson and is an improvisational, electro-acoustic / new age genre piece.

With great admiration for you all,
(music copyright 2009, Peter J Slack / SOCAN)

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