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Monday, August 10, 2009


I've been working a bit in the studio lately and some songs are coming to fruition. :-) A new song can be found here:

Life does sing

The breeze that brings
the tree that sways
sum of the motion
that nature brings

..nature brings

The music heals
intention fields
All of us caring
in harmony


Forever young
our brilliant sun
shining its light
that creation rings

...creation rings

As we grow old
stories time told
time is the song
that life does sing does sing

Beginning ends
the mystery
climbing each limb
of the knowledge tree

...the knowledge tree

Words and Music
Copyright 2009, Peter J Slack, SOCAN

I wrote this while on holiday with my family, it is part of the project I am working on called "The Love Network". I tend not to tell stories but rather summarize and embed messages in my songs. The production is minimalist with no overdubs; as if I have come to sing for you by the fireside. I am currently inspired by the work of Rene Thom and his book on Morphogenesis and I am also having fun playing with hyper-spectral imaging data from satellites and looking at things in new ways, like a kid in a candy store :-). This song was written for an occasion; to open the Fresh Water Jamboree in Guelph that my good friends put on every year.

Peace to all,PJ

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