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Tuesday, May 11, 2004


Dearest and most gracious music listeners..

Brown Jug Separation: Song Track

I sincerely hope everyone is on top of the world.

One of the most difficult things to do as a performer (at least for me) is to play an instrument and sing at the same time. For the past 4 months I have been working on techniques to achieve "separation" in my performance on guitar and piano both along with vocals and also separation in guitar and piano playing techniques in themselves. This song is a my benchmark thus far for guitar and vocals. The song is about my chosen separation from beer ...It kind of makes you want to have a beer...hmmmmmmm

I was inspired by some other performers to write and perform this song and it is dedicated to, and in the style of 2 musicians whom I met recently. Both of these performers have super natural abilities of separation and are both incredible artists.

The first fine fellow is Trevor Mills ( TREVOR MILLS ). The second time I met Trevor we sort of spontaneously decided to find some instruments and jam. While we were jamming I was totally blown away that he could carry on a perfectly normal conversation with another person (who was with us but not jamming) while jamming with me....The whole thing threw me off just thinking about what was going on at that moment :-) I finally figured out that this was Trevor's way of achieving separation of guitar playing and singing. He really is incredible and he is an inspiration to me. I highly recommend his new album "Karyoke Cowboy".

The other fine fellow is Manitoba Hal ( MANITOBA HAL ) who completely blew my mind when he performed at the Hughs room some time ago. His latest album "This Condition" is an absolute must for anyone who enjoys the style of this song. I've been working a similar guitar method with the help of Bruce who gave me some classical pieces to study in order to achieve separation of the thumb and forefingers in a unique finger picking style like Manitoba Hal....

...So here it is, live off the floor (only one track this time... ;-) from the catatorium on Winston Churchill BLVD...

Brown Jug Separation: Song Track


I found joy in a little brown jug;
you press it to your lips and it feels like love.

...ahhhh not like any kind of love you want...cold crystal clear love!!!

You can buy the brown jug at the market square.
The lady will tell you "you're going to grow hair".

....ahhh not like any hair you want....brown jug hair...

When you're making sweat, and your throat is dry,
the little brown jug; by your side.

....won't be making sweat for much'll be on your back..too
many brown jugs will do that to you, yah know...

In my garage, in a far dark corner;
a thousand brown jugs we call the dead soldiers.

...ahhh not like any war you've seen...a war of leisure...a war with

Then one day I came to my senses;
I threw brown jug away and started mending fences.

...ahhhh I had a lot of fences to mend...police towed my car...just going
crazy everywhere.

I once found joy in a little brown jug;
you press it to your lips and it feels like love.....but it isn't.


PJ Slack

WORDS & MUSIC ©2004 Peter J. Slack, SOCAN

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