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Tuesday, May 25, 2004


Greetings fine people,

I read an abstract by a scientist who is intent on proving that parallel universes (ie the multiverse) exist. His method is to construct a quantum computer and essentially perform a calculation such that parts of the calculation are done in the parallel universes and combine to the final answer in our universe; sort of multitasking in the multiverse. So I got to thinking...given that our brains are essentially quantum computers of a sort, then perhaps when we dream our brains are actually drawing on images from parallel universes. I was thus inspired to write a lullaby to help everyone to get to sleep and experience the multiverse. You'll notice that the chorus in this song is slightly different each just have to use your imagination that each chorus in fact exists in a different universe ;-)...So here it is, live off the floor from the catatorium..

Lullaby of the Multiverse: Song Track


Close your eyes and drift away.
All your troubles vanish

into the infinite center of a dream
of a thousand faces of you and I.

Rest your head and slumber
on this pillow soft and

into the infinite center of a dream
of the many faces of you and I.

Bring no fear, just let go.
Set your spirit floating

into the beautiful center of the dream
of a thousand faces of you and I.

Dreams collide to take form
of the new day we live joyful

into the infinite center of the dream
of a thousand journeys of you and I.

WORDS & MUSIC ©2004 Peter J. Slack, SOCAN

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