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Thursday, May 06, 2004


Hello music listeners,

Today I have no music but instead some writing inspired by some scientific concepts floating around out there. It is very difficult not to be inspired by the bright minds, talents and passions of the many great scientists on our planet searching for truth and discovering themselves among other incredible and magical things. For all, the pursuit is a struggle and is truly fine art in so much as theories can be expressions and opinions that others can either accept or reject.

..And so love it or hate it... Here is an expression and an opinion :-)


On the edge of my mind are the words I want to say,
yet without voice, the words are spoken anyways.
I hear the words on the edge of your mind,
urging me not to speak those words today.

It's the extra conversations that create
the sometimes silent, awkward pause in time,
to allow the seed of the same thoughts in each mind,
to speak in locked rhythms of ocean, air and other earthly places

It's the extra conversation that intertwine the senses
thus weaving a thought complete with wonder and hope
of a better place far off in the rays of the sun expressed,
where words can flow harmless as a gentle breeze.

It's the extra conversation that is the vessel
carrying the truth in our words and in our hearts
to shed all doubt that we say what we mean
and what we say is in a meaningful way received.

On the tip of my tongue are the words I want to say.
Near or far those words travel, without speaking,
to the thoughtful observers transcending both time and space,
and whose careful voices whisper back the body of all knowledge for ever
assuring a place for the meanings of the words I want to say.
Finally replying "I know", shedding the rays of all knowledge through the
universe in a cascading symphony of belonging.

PJ Slack

WORDS & MUSIC ©2004 Peter J. Slack, SOCAN

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